Integrated Drives HBI

  • peripheral operation,  multiple applications

  • compact, powerful, „motorlike“ design

  • CANopen®
  • high resolution angle sensor,
    sinusoidal current feed

  • multiple configurations

  • available with planetary gears and
    or parking brakes

Synchronous Servo Drives with powerful motor systems and integrated electronics for operation at selective 24VDC or 48VDC. With their pleasing design these compact drives are well suited for peripheral application in single or multi axes systems. Due to the high resolution evaluation of rotor angle based on a hall system the HBI drives become real dynamic servo systems. Combined with the motors sinusoidal current

feed a constant and even torque development is assured and excellent control properties are achieved.
The HBI´s are operated either by analogue / digital signals in speed mode and torque mode or via the CANopen®  interface providing profile position, profile velocity or profile torque mode. The profile position mode supports absolute and relative demands. Homing is done onto the limit switches, against a mechanical stop or at the current position.
The electrical connection is done through a compact rotary connector equipped with one or two plugs depending on the drives version.
The drives configuration is done via RS232 and a clear and simple to use PC-Software "DSerV".

Series Datasheet With gear Drawing
[DXF, 3D]
Operating manual Rated speed
Rated torque
up to [Nm]
[mm x mm]
HBI 22 PDF PDF - PDF 3.000 0,28 45 x 45
HBI 26 PDF PDF - 3.000 0,51 55 x 55
HBI 32 PDF PDF - 3.000 1,15 65 x 65
HBI 37 PDF PDF - 3.000 1,55 75 x 75

Further documents:
CANopen® Manual: PDF
Engel DSerV, Parametrising software for HBI, DSV: On request