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Customised drive solutions

ENGEL Elektroantriebe is the partner for customer-specific drive solutions. Our high level of competence in electrical drive technology is based on experience and specialist knowledge of electrical motors with associated control electronics and including the appropriated software, control technology and communication with the higher-level system. We have the expertise to generate individual drive solutions from a single source from individual components and to meet our customers' requirements safely and precisely with our technology and experience.
Some examples of implemented drive solutions:

Drive for mobile applications

Image Drive system for use in mobile applications. With a 24VDC supply the high dynamic drive gains 2.5kW continuous output power and a peak torque of no less than 9.0Nm.

HLM1225 with customised housing

Image The smallest motorsystem of ENGEL Elektroantriebe packed in an advantageous and shapely aluminium housing. The motor drives the spindle of a linear guide in micromechanical application.

Nutrunner motor HLM 28120

Image The HLM motors are mainly used in fastening systems. Their slim design enables high dynamic systems, the typical cylindrical housing leads to high package densities in the application and enables the usage in space constraint situations. ENGEL Elektroantriebe is able to realise motor characteristics according to the customers demand on speed and torque.

Hygienic drive

Image Integrated drive system in stainless steel housing with demands on hygienic design. With high degrees of protection IP69 and IP69K. For use and applications in the food sector and other industries with high demands on cleanliness. Versions in 24V and 48V supply with continuous power up to approx. 500W and output torques up to a maximum of 3Nm.

Integrated drive with planetary gearbox for AGVs

Image Integrated drive HFI3260 in combination with planetary gearbox NGV from Neugart GmbH. The gearbox ideally fulfill the high structural and mechanical demands required for drives used in AGVs. In combination with the HFI3260, a drive with impressive compactness and reliability is created for use in intralogistics, in-house material transport, shuttles and other transport systems.

HBI3260 with
customised planetary gear

Image The integrated drive HBI3260 comes with a customised planetary gearbox GP102. The drive with its square end shaft is able to produce an output torque if up to 300 Nm. A special surface treatment of the HBI ensures the protection against corrosion.

Customised motor system

Image This example shows a completely customised motor design. The motor is designed for operation at a maximum speed of 35.000 rpm. An analogue two axes hall sensor system is used for rotor angle detection.


Social commitment

As ENGEL Elektroantriebe we are aware of our social responsibility and, amongst others, support the German Cancer Aid.

TÜV - ISO 9001:2008

TÜV - ISO 9001:2008 TÜV - ISO 9001:2008 TÜV - ISO 9001:2008 TÜV - ISO 9001:2008

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