Integrated drive solution for explosive atmosphere zones

ENGEL Elektroantriebe presents ATEX versions of its HBI synchronous motor

As a specialist for customer specific designed synchronous motors, with the HBI series ENGEL Elektroantriebe delivers high performance integrated drive systems for low-voltage systems. Within the framework of a custom specific development for the customer Mettler-Toledo Garvens GmbH the manufacturer also designed the HBI drive for explosive atmosphere applications according to ATEX 95 (Directive 94/9/EC). At the same time ENGEL Elektroantriebe extended its internal quality management to include the explosion protection requirements according to EN ISO 80079-34. Because of this the company is qualified as an expert partner for explosive proof electric drives.

The HBI synchronous drives from ENGEL Elektroantriebe are high performance three-phase systems with integrated control electronics for 24/48 VDC. Typically the HBIs are used as compact low-voltage solutions for multi-axis applications - such as to convey, transport and position. One of the benefits is a high resolution angle detection with linear Hall sensor system, which makes it a dynamic, precisely controllable drive with a steady torque development. The HBI drive can achieve speeds of up to 4000 rpm and torques of 3.1 Nm. Depending on the model, the output power from 53 to 485 watt is available.

As a long-term customer of ENGEL Elektroantriebe the company Mettler-Toledo Garvens GmbH once again shows more interest in the integrated drives from Walluf. However the HBI system were required in an ex-protected version for use in the food and packaging industry. Thorsten Germersdorf, product manager with the manufacturer for dynamic control scales, can remember: "Thanks to the long term reliability and product quality, ENGEL Elektroantriebe GmbH was our first contact with this complex project." At the beginning of 2013 the development engineers in Walluf took on the challenge and produced an ATEX version of the HBI synchronous drive.

These drive systems went through the EC conformity assessment procedures and in February this year were certified according to ATEX 95 (Directive 94/9/EC). The customer can now apply the explosion proof drives in their dynamic checkweighing systems for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. Germersdorf also stresses that "the partnership and enormous flexibility of ENGEL Elektroantriebe has strengthened tremendously the customer - supplier relationship". And his colleague Nils Berkefeld, customer project manager at Mettler-Toledo Garvens GmbH, also adds: "The technical implementation of the HBI drives with the explosion-proof version now gives us many possibilities, to solve the ATEX requirements of our customers."

Ideally positioned for explosion proof projects

With the development of an integrated drive system according to ATEX, ENGEL Elektroantriebe has created a key competitive advantage for its customer. For the Managing Director Mr. Thomas Preußer this opens a door of opportunity: "Future requests from new customers now builds on a well-established process and can be effectively implemented." During the course of the ATEX project, ENGEL Elektroantriebe improved its existing quality management system to incorporate the explosion protection requirements according to EN ISO 80079-34 and adapted the operational processes accordingly. During the process of the ATEX certification valuable experience was gained and is now available for other tasks.

Compact design

Also the ATEX versions of the HBI drives from ENGEL Elektroantriebe are convincing due to their compact design. The control and the setpoints are all done over the CANopen® interfaces. Basically, the positioning of the integrated drive systems support both absolute and relative targets. It is referenced to the limit switch, mechanical stop or to the current position. Setting the parameters is done using the serial interface RS232 via the PC-Windows software DSerV. The synchronous drive is connected by rotatable connectors with one or two plugs. In addition, they are designed for ambient temperatures up to 40 °C and comply with the protection type IP65.

With the integrated three-phase synchronous motors from ENGEL Elektroantriebe, machinery and equipment manufacturers have a high quality drive solution "Made in Germany". And thanks to their precise closed-loop control electronics and the perfect customer-specific adaptations they are perfect for your environment - whether explosive atmosphere or not.


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